Regatta in a Box assists in many of the data management requirements of regattas and can be adapted to similar knock out style competitions. Initially developed to assist with Burton Regatta, RiaB is now available for use by other competitions.


Windows 8 or 10 for client PCs
Internet access - Required only for setting up your competition and if you want the online results to update to the website. Internet access can be through the connected Local Area Network or by using a mobile broadband dongle on one of the PCs.


This page details the features that are currently available in RiaB. If you have any suggestions for future features you can let us know on our Feature Request Page

Multiple User Access

RiaB supports access by multiple users meaning a number of regatta admins can access and use the system at the same time. The system includes protection to prevent data loss in case 2 users try to change the same bit of data at the same time.

BROE Data Import

RiaB takes the data from BROE, allows you to view the crews details and make rejections where necessary. Importing the data from BROE takes only seconds. RiaB scans the import file for changes, adding new crew details, updating details of existing crews, payment status and scratched status.

Entries Review

Provides details of entries recieved and allows users to make changes to crews, move events and reject crews where necessary.

Auto Entry Review

Quickly analyses your entries, moves crews up where necessary, rejects crews that have no alternative event and rejects or reassigns crews from oversubscribbed events. Reports are also available to identify what changes the system has made for you before you proceed to produce the draw.

Schedule Builder

RiaB then helps to build the regatta schedule, allowing you to determine the order of finals and change the race schedule where necessary. A predetermined order is set by the system on data import, but the schedule is completely editable.

Quick Draw Generator

RiaB produces the draw for you in seconds, it produces the event layouts and allows you to assign pre-entered sponsor and trophy information. This way your sponsor information is automatically included on the draw printouts when they are generated. The print outs can either be saved or emailed out to clubs.

Race Day Data Management

RiaB also helps manage your regatta during the event. It provides all the paperwork necessary to run your event or if you prefer provides all the necessary tools to run a paperless event. The registration section give you access to the club and crew details, allows you to register crews, scratch crews, make subs where necessary and assign crews to "Winner of Previous" slots where available.

Live Regatta Schedule

RiaB provides a printed regatta schedule for umpires and officials as well as an interactive schedule for taking on going race results. A printout of re-timed races is also available when necessary. The schedule can be printed at any point during the event and will include all information and changes up to the time of printing.

Live Results Board

Live race results can be displayed on a screen somewhere for competitors to see them or if an internet connection is available results can be made available online. The local results board updated immediately as competitors finish their races, while internet results are updated only a few seconds later.

Live Web Results

The website integration means you can log in to the RiaB site to view results or you can use our simple system to display results live on your own website. The website integration also allows anyone to register to recieve results in real time (networks allowing) via email and text message. Any interested party can register to view and recieve results of a particular event, a single race or follow a club or individual.

BROE Results File

Make results submission a breeze. At the end of the regatta RiaB produces a results file to upload to BROE.

Backup Manager

RiaB now inbcludes a backup manager. This backs up the regatta database to both the regatta server and to a local folder on your computer. If you accidentally delete the draw or some error corrupts the database you can restore it from a recent backup. The backup manager also includes an Auto Backup feature. It can be left running in the background and it will continuously take backups at regular intervals.

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