What is it?

The Current RiaB Server is a Raspberry Pi computer. These are small, cheap and lightweight computers designed and sold by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. They were developed as a not for profit product aimed at making it easy for kids to learn programming. We use a Raspberry Pi to keep the cost down. It means we can provide a completely setup server at very little cost and so far the Raspberry Pi has been more than powerful enough to run a regatta. 

What does the RiaB Server Do?

The RiaB Server comes pre setup, you only need to plug it in and turn it on to start running your regatta. Mainly the server runs as a file and database server. The RiaB App uses the database to store and recall all of you event information from the competition name down to each competitors membership number. The File share provides a centrally accessable location for installation and backup files, as well as any information that regatta admins may want to put on it to share with others. The RiaB Server is also setup to allow remote support to access the database and file share if there are any problems.

Setup your own server

If you would like to setup your own server I can provide you with some brief instructions on how to do so. I have setup working servers on a raspberry pi or a debian linux VPC so I can provide advice on how to do this. If you would like to know more please leave me a message via the contact page. There are no customisations to the raspberry pi hardware in anyway, so feel free to get hold of your own to run your regatta. You will need a raspberry Pi Model B or a raspberry Pi 2. Both versions will run a regatta quite happily, but the Raspberry Pi 2 will seem a little faster particularly if you have a lot of users connected. Anyone who buys a server through RiaB will recieve a Raspberry Pi 2( as of 08/06/2015).

I will also be making the raspberry pi SD card image that I use available for download during 2015, the image will contain a working Raspberry Pi  image pre setup with and ready to run RiaB.

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