RiaB is now free and open source. This means you can use the software as much as you want and you won't have to pay for it. Although I had charged for RiaB I had never really intended for it to be profitable. Being Open Source this means that the code used to create the application is available for download and can be modified by anyone with the necessary skills. If you have someone like this in your club then please let them know about this page. I will continue to make updates to RiaB which can be downloaded for free.


Regatta in a Box is now free to download and use. Although I am happy to sell hardware to anyone who is unable to setup their own



( inc VAT )

New RiaB Server (with 4GB SD card , power supply & ethernet cable) £100
Replacement RiaB Server (as above, but without SD card) £75

4GB Replacement / Spare SD card (setup and ready to use) *


8GB Replacement / Spare SD card (setup and ready to use)*


16GB Replacement / Spare SD card (setup and ready to use)*


*Please note the RiaB Server operating system and software uses approximately 3GB of the SD card so a 4GB SD card will have approx 1GB spare for your database and files.

Support offerings
Our staff have a number of years experience of organising and running a regatta. particulraly relating to entries, including creating the draw and managing the race schedule and race day registration. this puts us in a position to provide guidance as well as technical assistance. We will do everything possible to prepare you to run you event with no problems or assistance, but if the worst should happen, we are there when you need us.
Remote support available at additional cost of £30 per day, when arranged in advance. Get a quick response when you need it most.
On site support, giving the absolute maximum peace of mind possible while running a regatta, available at £150 per day. a member of our staff will be present at your event and will be ready to assist at a moments notice. They will even bring spare hardware. Failure of the RiaB system is incredibly unlikely, but we all like to know a backup is going to be there in our time of need.

We can also provide any of your other IT needs. Just get in touch and let us know how we can help you or visit foreverythingit.co.uk

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