RiaB App

The Riab App can be installed on as many devices as you like and is used to give users access a centrally shared regatta database. Click here to install the RiaB App.

RiaB Source Code

Allows you to make edits to how regatta in a box works and publish your own applications. The Source code is written in Microsoft Visual Studio Community Edition. All I ask is that anyone using the source code helps other by sharing any improvements they make.

This is the first vb.net application I have written so the code itself is a litte messy, so if you have any questions then please ask. There are many imporvements I would make if I went back and started from scratch so I won't be offended by more experienced programmers pointing out better ways of doing things.

Download here:

RiaB 1.0 Version 1.0.73.zip
RiaB 2.0 Available on GitHub

RiaB Server

The RiaB Server can be setup on a Raspberry Pi, a Linux VPC(I use debian) or any other system that supports MySQL. You will need to add the database schema available below.

RiaB Database

The RiaB database is a mysql database. It can be setup on a mysql server of version 5.5.41 or greater with the federated table engine enabled. Click here to download a blank database. If you aren;t familiar with federated tables then I suggest reading up on them before you get started.

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