RiaB, Regatta in a Box was born out of a need to streamline the events organisation and management process for regattas and other rowing events. It handles events right from making the initial entries all the way up to printing out winners lists and certificates. It was the brain child of Kenny Holmes, club captain (2009 - Present) at Trent Rowing Club in Burton-upon-Trent. The system is flexible enough to react to any changes an event may throw at it. It can display real time results both in the officials tent, on a remote display(s) and even live via a website. 

The system is modular in design allowing you to tailor the scope of the system to match your event. This makes the system able to install on a very basic computer system/laptop for small events with less scope although the fully featured system will run perfectly well on any modern laptop, desktop or server.

There is no system currently in existence that does everything RiaB does. If you can think of an event management system then RiaB does everything that does and more and our modular design means we are cost effective for any size of event.

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