Crew and Club Summary Printouts

The RiaB app allows you to run a regatta electronically, but it also provides the necessary documentation to run a paper regatta or to simply help you keep organised. To go to the registration page from the Competitions Menu Click on the "Registration" button. This section gives you access to the Club summary print out and the Crew summary printout. To open either of these forms click on the relevant buttons at the top of the registration page.

The Club summary printout is similar to the one from BROE, but it includes columns to mark crews as registered, take notes and record additional payment details. This printout lists the entrys made by each club. Each club is started on a new page so can be kept with each clubs entry folder.

The Crew details forms are similar to the BROE entry forms, but contain additional contact information and more extensive details of subs that have been made since the draw.

It is highly recommended that these forms be printed or saved once the regatta setup is complete. If all else fails, should lightening strike or someone simply spill their much needed regatta coffee, these forms will be needed to run a paper based regatta.

Registering a crew

From the Competitions Menu click on the "Registration" button to open the registration page. Towards the top of the screen is a drop down box listing the clubs entered in the current competition. Select the relevant club to see a list of that clubs crews. The list of crews includes details of payments, scratchings and registration. You can mark crews as paid, scratched or registered by clicking the relevant check boxes for each crew. None of this information is required for the race results system, it is for your information only.

Making Changes to a Crew

To make substitutions to the crew first locate the correct club in the drop down list at the top of the rigistration page. Next scroll down the list of crews entered by this club. Select the relevant row by clicking any field on that row. Then Click the "View Crew" button. This will open the Crew Details page, showing contact details, details about crew status and lists the crew members in each seat.

Select the crew member you wish to remove from the crew by selecting any field on the corresponding row. Next click the "Show Subs" button. A list of available subs will appear for that club. You can change the club selected by opening the drop down box at the top of the page to allow you to make subs using members of other clubs. Alternatively you can type the persons BR number into the search box to find them.

Once you have found the desired substitution select their row by clicking into any cell on that row. Clicking the "Add to Crew" button will add the persons details to the crew list, but they will be listed as a substitute. Clicking the "Make Sub" button will swap the selected substitute with the selected existing crew member. The existing member will still be listed in the crew list, but will be marked as a sub.

If the Competitor you wish to enter has not already been entered in something at your regatta they will not appear in the list of available competitors. Simply scroll to the bottom of the list and enter the relevant details, make sure all of the details are entered correctly otherwise the information will not be saved. You can then select the new competitor to the crew and add them in the same way is the existing ones.

Please note the RiaB App does not validate the crew against the British Rowing rules. You will need to check the substitute is eligable before making changes.

Assigning a crew to a Winners Slot

If you wish to add a crew to a winners slot you will first need to find the crew that is to move up in the registration page. Next select the crew in the crew list and click the "Taker Winners Slot" button at the top of the crew list. A pop up will appear listing the events with winner of previous slots. Select the corret events and click the "Take Slot" button in the pop up window. The selected crew will then be assigned to the winners slot of that event and the schedule will be updated accordingly. If you make a mistake with the crew assignment you can repeat the process with the correct crew.

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