Drawing the Events

To get to the draw page go to the competitions screen and click on the "Goto Draw" button. This will open the draw details for that competition. This page shows the details of the event, lists the sponsors or trophys assigned to the event, lists thecrews in the event, shows the race schedule for the event and shows the draw diagram for the event.

You may draw a single event or all of the events at once using the "Draw Event" and "Draw All" buttons near the top of the screen. The first time this is done the crews will also be randomised and numbered. Once the events have been drawn you should scroll through the events to make sure everything looks ok. If you wish to move the positions of any of the crews in the draw click on the up or down arrow buttons next to the crews name in the crew list.

Finding and Fixing Race Clashes

This feature is not currently available, but will be coming soon.

Specifying Event Names, Sponsors and Trophys

Towards the right hand side of the page are two drop down boxes. One to select an event Trophy and the other to select an event Sponsor. See the "Entering Sponsor & Trophy Information" Section for details on how to add sponsors to the database.

The Trophy dropdown lists all of the sponsors that have been entered into the RiaB Database. This drop down is intended for Competitions who award specific trophies for certain events. The selected trophy appears on draw printouts.

The Sponsors drop down box allows users to select from a list of pre-entered sponsors for that specific competition. The selected sponsors details appeare on the draw next to the relevant event including the name, contact number, website link and image.

Saving and Sending the Draw

Saving the draw is easy. Once you have finished creating and setting up the draw details click on the "Draw Printouts" button to open the print preview for the draw. Accross the top toolbar is the print button and the export button.

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