Server Installation

Installing the RiaB server is easy. Open the box and take out the small RiaB server, the power suppply, the SD card and the ethernet cable.

Insert the SD card into the SD card slot of the RiaB server, do not force it, it should slide in comfortably when it is lined up correctly. Plug one end of the ethernet cable into the Ethernet slot on the RiaB server and the other end into a spare ethernet port on your home router or another network switch already connected to your network.

The RiaB Server is powered by a microUSB connection. Plug the microUSB connector of the power supply into the microUSB slot on the RiaB server and the other end into a power outlet. Switch on the power. You can use any microUSB power supply as long as it is capable of supplying a stable 5V at 2A, failure to meet this requirement can make the RiaB server unstable and potentially corrupt the RiaB server SD card.



For many people no network configuration will be required and you will be able to connect to the server without issue. However, every router and network configuration can be different and could have something preventing your connection to the server.

The first thing to try if you cannot connect to the server would be to disable the firewall on your PC and any other security you have running. You should not leave this disabled and it might be a good idea to disconnect your router from the internet first. This test will tell us if the problem is on your PC or most likely on your router.

If you still can't connect then you will need to take a look at your routers settings. See your routers manual for detail of how to do this. You need to make sure the correct ports are open for your riabserver, using its device name. Your RiaB servers device name will be "riab" followed by the letters on your servers SD card. If the letters are "TRT" then your server name will be "riabtrt". Please see below for the list of ports that must be open for this device.

Port Protocol
135 tcp
137 udp
138 udp
139 tcp
443 tcp
445 tcp
3306 tcp
12975 tcp
17771 udp
32976 tcp










Installing the RiaB App

To install the RiaB App from the Website click here.

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