This section lists all the various RiaB How 2's that are available. Click on one of the headings for further details.

1. Installation

  • Server Installation
  • Networking
  • Installing the RiaB App

2. Basics

  • Logging into the RiaB App
  • Configuring New Users
  • Using the File Share
  • Updates

3. Competition Setup

  • Getting Competition Data
  • Getting the Test Regattas
  • Importing Data
  • Deleting Competitions

4. Review Entries

  • Entry Summary Reports and printouts
  • Adding a Winner of Previous Regatta Slot
  • Moving Crews Between events
  • Updating Crew Details
  • Defining the Event Progression Type
  • Accepting Entries

5. Building the Regatta Schedule

  • Setting the Start Time, Race Interval and Breaks
  • Order of Finals
  • Building and reviewing the schedule

6. The Regatta Draw

  • Drawing the Events
  • Finding and fixing Race Clashes
  • Specifying Event Names and¬†Sponsors
  • Saving and sending the draw

7. Registration

  • Crew and Club summary printouts
  • Registering a crew
  • Making changes to a crew
  • Assigning a crew to a winners slot

8. Race Schedule and Results Input

  • Race Schedule and Re-Timed Race Printouts
  • Re-Timing Races
  • Entering Race Results

9. Getting Results

  • Winners List
  • Live Results Board
  • Online Results Upload
  • BROE Results file

10. Entering Sponsor & Trophy Information

  • Entering Trophy Data
  • Entering New Sponsors
  • Reusing Existing Sponsors

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