Getting Competition Data

Only Admins can get the Competition Data. This means downloading the Competition Details form the RiaB Website to your Local RiaB Server. You should log in as Admin and make sure the email address for this admin is set to the address that was given to us when you paid for your event. Click the "GET Competition" button. If the details were correct you can now select the correct competition using the menu buttons.

The "GET Competition" button also updates the competition data if you have requested the Competition be renamed or if the date has changed.

Once the competition has been downloaded from the RiaB website you can specify a competition banner. The competition banner appears at the top of the draw and other printouts. To add a competition banner to a competition first select the desired competition and then click the "Browse" button next to the image field. locate you image file and click ok. The image should now appear in the image box.

Getting the Test Regattas

This works the same as getting normal Competition data, but you will need to be logged in as an admin and have the admin email address set to "test". The test regattas are intended to give you an oportunity to play around with the system without worrying about damaging the data in your main competition.

Importing Data

BROE provides 4 data files for use by regatta admins. The "Event Export" contains all of the events that you have chosen to offer, it lists the event types and any other relevant details. The "Crew Export" contains all of the details for each boat, what event they are in, contact details and payment status. The "Competitor Export" lists the details of crew members and which crews they are in. The "Club Contact Address Export" lists the contact details of each clubs main BROE administrator. Download the files from BROE and save them somewhere you can easily find them, in the file share on the RiaB server might be a good choice.

In the RiaB App on the competitions menu click the browse button by each export file. find and select the file and press ok. Do this for each export file. The location of each file will be remembered, but bear in mind that if the file was not on the RiaB server and you log in from a different PC then you will need to locate the export files again. When you download the files from BROE if you save them over the files that the RiaB app is using you will not have to reselect the files before importing any updates.

Once the export files have been selected click the "IMPORT data" button. The RiaB App will then scan the files and assign the data to the selected competition. If the export files have already been imported any changes will be detected and the competitions data updated.

Deleting Competitions

Only admins can Delete competitions. Select the competition you wish to remove and press the "DELETE Competition" button. You will be asked for confirmation. If you delete a competition all data associated with that competition will be removed and cannot be recovered unless you have taken a recent backup. Use the "GET Competition" button to add a new competition in place of the old one.

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