Setting the Start Time, Race Interval and Breaks

From the Competitions menu select the desired competition. Click on the "Schedule Buidler" button to open the schedule page. Information entered in the boxes at the top of the page will define how the race schedule is built.

Enter the time you wish the first race to be scheduled in the "Start Time" box. Enter the desired time you wish there to be between races in the "Race Interval" box. Below these two boxes are two boxes that are calculated by the app. One tells you the number of races required by your competition. The other tells you the time the last race should take place, this will update as you change the start time and race interval.

On the right hand side at the top of the screen is a box to enter breaks into the race schedule. Each break required a start time and length. No races will be scheduled during these periods. The Last race time will account for any breaks and you can have as many breaks as you wish for whatever length you desire.

Order of Finals

The left hand window displays the order of events, with the larger events typically taking part at the end of the day. This order can be changed by pressing the up or down arrows on the form.

Building and Reviewing the Schedule

Once you are happy with the order of events and the race time details press the "Buid Schedule" button. The app will build a schedule and display it in the right hand window. You can review the list and move races if desired. Once you are happy with the order you can proceed to the draw.

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