Logging In

Open the RiaB App by selecting it from the Start Menu, Desktop or Start Screen. The App will open to a log in screen. Enter the User name and password given to you by an administrator. The default username is "Admin" and the default password is "Admin". Usernames are not case sensitive, but passwords are. It is recommended you change the default password after logging in.

Select the RiaB Server from the dropdown box at the top of the window. Usually only your RiaB Server is listed, but if other items are listed be sure to selece the correct server. If no servers are listed then check your network connection and try rebooting your computer.

Click "Ok" to log in. The RiaB App should now open the Competitions page.

Creating new users

Admins have access to the users page. Click on the users Button in the Admin panel to go to the users page. This page will allow admins to change their passwords and email address as well as add and change the details of other users.

Using the file share

The file share is available to all users on your network. It is intended to allow Regatta admins to share files with each other while setting up or running their regatta. Any useful documents can be kept in the file share. Please note that the files in the file share are not included in the Backup. Only the RiaB database is backed up. You should keep your own backup of any critical files in the file share.

To access the file share you need to know the name of your server. The RiaB Servers are named using the three letter club code for the club holding the event. for Trent Rowing Cluib for example the club code is TRT so the RiaB server name woudl be "RiaBTRT". If you browse to your network and open the device with your server name you should see a folder called "RiaBShare". It is in this folder that you should store your files. Alternatively open Windows explorer and enter '\\<ServerName>\RiabShare' into the address bar.


The RiaB App will check for updates itself when connected to the internet. If an update is available it will ask you if you would like to download it. If you click yes the RiaB App will update to the latest version. All computers using the same RiaB Server must have the same version of the RiaB App. If one of the Apps is updated on one PC then the others must be updated as well.

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