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Free and Open Source

Regatta in a Box is now free and open source. See GitHub link below;

If you have a resident IT geek in your rowing club then please ask them to take a look at this page.

Making RiaB open source allows the rowing community to work on the software as a shared project.

I will still be making updates to RiaB myself and continuing to add new features at our own regatta each year. Please also get in touch if you require support.

Welcome to Regatta in a Box

Regatta in a Box - Regatta Management Software.

Trent's Event Management System, or TEMS, is a regatta management system developed by Trent Rowing Club's Kenny Holmes for use at Burton Regatta.  TEMS has been rechristened as "Regatta in a Box"(RiaB) for the 2013 season. The system now comes with a small server, not much larger than an old mobile phone. The server is simple to set up, simply plug it in and switch it on. The server appears on the local network and allow users to install the RiaB application on their computers. The RiaB system handles all data management for the whole regatta from before the entries are taken to producing the results.


Trialing the BETA

We are preparing to trial the Regatta in a Box core features. During the summer we are testing the software at a small selection of regattas including Burton Regatta and Ross Regatta. At both events the software will be available for demonstrations although please bear in mind we will be using it to run the events so we are likely to be busy.

Results for Events using the RiaB system will be available here. As long as the event remains connected to the internet the results will update immediately.

Regatta in a Box | Regatta management in a handy little box


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